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Roger Leege draws on his past as a lawn boy, meat cutter, storyteller, trucker, EMT, trim carpenter, bass player, painter, embalmer’s assistant, printmaker, analog photographer, journalist,  videographer, dissident,  educator, computer scientist, Florida man, and very private investigator, to create words and pictures that range from straight to strange. 

Roger earned BA and MA degrees in Visual Arts at Goddard College, followed by post-graduate work in Industrial Technology at Central Connecticut State University and in Computer Science at the University of Hartford. As an artist and educator, he was an early adopter and evangelist for computer art and digital artist's tools.  He has worked at the intersection of Art and Technology throughout his career and has taught scholastic, college, and adult-level Visual Arts, Industrial Technology, Photography, Serigraphy, Videography, Desktop Publishing, and Web Programming, as well as Computer Science, Technical Drawing, CAD, and Engineering Design. With gallery, print, and online credits in the US, Canada, and Europe, he currently lives and works in southwest Florida.

In addition to his own practice, Roger Leege sponsors the work of other artists as the founding publisher of

Dek Unu Magazine, an international journal of fine art photography.

Selected Exhibits & Publications

Museum of Computer Art, Permanent Collection

Amanda Smith Gallery, "Gardens"

Tampa Museum of Art, "Five by Five"

The Darkroom Gallery (VT), "Photography by Design"

Black Box Gallery, "Photo Salon"

Lenscratch, "Mysteries, Dreams, Other Worlds"

Words and Images, U. Maine, "2014, February"

After Nyne Magazine (UK), Featured Artist, Feb/Mar 2014

Black Box Gallery, "Portraiture:  Through the Lens"

Venice Art Center, Gallery, March, 2014

Gulfstream Literary Magazine, Issue 11, 2014

The Gambler Magazine,"Powerballin'", March, 2014

Infused-The GPS-enabled Magazine, "Airport Avenue"
Miracle Magazine (UK), "CAGE", June, 2014
Tupelo Quarterly, Issue 4, 2014

Uno Kudo, print anthology, Volume 4 
Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center

   2014, "Coif", 2015, "Downside Upside Down"

The Gambler Mag, Winter, 2015, "House Wins Again"

Lime Hawk Journal, January, 2015

CAGO, 2015 Print Anthology
Subterranean Quarterly, Winter, 2015

The Corner Club Press, Issue 16 "Cover"

(em): Review of Text and Image, #3, "Cover"

Duende Literary Journal, Spring 2015
Ascent (Concordia College), May, 2015

Die Angst (Berlin), October, 2015
Vimfire Magazine, October 2015
Oddball Magazine (Boston), October 2015

Berkeley Fiction Review, Issue 36, May, 2016

Der Greif, Issue 9, 2016
Marie Selby Gardens Gallery, May, 2016
1 : 1000, "Stories To Be", May, 2016
Stirring : A Literary Collection, June and Sept., 2016

In-Flight Literary Magazine, Issues 9 and 10
Superstition Review, Fall, 2016
Graffiti Canons, Musical / Gallery, Feb. 2017
Fictional Cafe', March, 2017
805 Lit + Art, Spring, 2017

Icarus Anthology, Summer, 2017

Claudius Speaks, "Buried", May 2017

Seethingography, "Going Home", Spring, 2017

Subprimal Poetry Art, Summer, 2017

Icarus Anthology, Summer, 2017

Claudius Speaks, "Buried", May 2017

Seethingography, "Going Home", Spring, 2017

Subprimal Poetry Art, Summer, 2017

Dodging the Rain, Featured, June 2017

Scryptic Magazine,"Issue 1", Summer, 2017

Treehouse: Exhibition of the Arts, Feature, July 2017

Calamus Journal, "From Vienna", Aug., 2017

Foliate Oak Magazine, "Four Pieces", Sept., 2017
Former Cactus Magazine, October 2017
Sourland Mountain Review, "1.2" Nov. 2017
Crab Fat Magazine, Cover. November, 2017
Jheronimous Bosch Museum, (Netherlands), "Lady Madonna" January 2018

The Charleston Anvil, Winter 2017, Summer 2018

Saw Palm #12, February 2018
Noctua Journal, March 2018

Fictional Cafe', Anthology, October 2018
Brine Magazine #2, January 2019 (Cover)

Artemis Journal, Winter, 2019

Stonecrop Journal, Spring, 2019, Vol 1, No 1

New Southern Fugitives, May, 2019

The Fabulist: Words & Art, Spring 2020 

Evansville Review, Cover, Spring 2020

Backchannels Journal, July, 2020

Synaeresis: art+poetry, Issue 11, Summer 2020

Bangor Literary Journal, Issue 12, Sept., 2020
The Wondrous Real Magazine, Fall, 2020

Storytelling and Street Photography, Nov. 2020
Prolit Magazine, Issue #4, December, 2020
Wire's Dream Magazine, 9th Ed. February 2021

Irland News, February 2021

Free Radicals Magazine, Spring 2021
The Fabulist-Words and Art, April, 2021
The London Reader,Summer 2021
The Curated Fridge, Autumn 2021

San Antonio Review, April, 2022

Utopia Award, September, 2022 "Erewhon" 

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